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This year, Berlin-based Voxnox is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a unique European tour. A few days before their return visit to Poland, we talked to representatives of this dynamically developing techno label about memorable moments and plans for the future.

For individualism and freedom

Voxnox is a collective founded in 2013 on the initiative of an Italian techno lover, Fabio Venezia, who lives in the capital of Germany. That’s a group of artists who are characterized by an alternative approach to electronic music and a desire to strive for freedom of expression in every issue with an emphasis on absolute respect and tolerance.

These days, people are indoctrinated by the influences they are exposed to to conform to mainstream guidelines and thus keep it alive. Voxnox is different – it is a movement that stands for individualism and freedom, far from anyone’s boundaries, does not tolerate injustice, and believes in a multicultural society with many different identities. It is a movement that anyone who shares the same values ​​can join – this is the manifesto of the collective

For 10 years of existence, this movement has managed to gather individualities around itself and create a family atmosphere and conditions for development, as a result of which the current representatives of Voxnox are an inseparable part of the techno club scene. Among them are such magnetic names as Alignment, Lucinee and Sept, which need no introduction to the Polish rave audience. All three will perform again in Poland on May 12, in the same place where the recent, memorable Boiler Room took place – in Warsaw’s Praga Centrum club.


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Bezpieczne i proste zakupy

Sept | Boiler Room x Voxnox: Warsaw

Voxnox (Fabio Venezia and Sept) – interview with muno.pl

Adam Dąbrowski: Fabio tell me about beginnings of Voxnox – where did the idea to create the label Voxnox come from?

Fabio: I wanted to present an alternative take on contemporary electronic music and the industry in general. As a team, we constantly push and promote unique, out-of-the-box projects, break boundaries and move beyond trends. 

In the last interview, Sept mentioned that you met in Hamburg and it was a breakthrough moment both in his producer, DJ career and also personal life. Tell us how it looked like.

Fabio: Haha yea I met this shy guy at Uebel und Gefährlich backstage, we instantly had a nice vibe and good time. For me it was so fascinating how the shy Michel turned into Sept on stage, and delivered a massive, banging set for the audience. From this night it was clear to me that we have to create something together – here still we are 8 years later.

Fabio, what was the most groundbreaking moment for Voxnox? Successful event, or maybe a success of one of the release? What made you know „this is it – Voxnox is the future of the scene”?

Fabio: One of the most groundbreaking moments was when we entered with VNR043 the official german dance charts on #9 – this was quite interesting, that you can enter with underground sound and as small indie label also the national charts.

Alignment – Future Dancefloor [VNR043]

Another game changer on event side of the project, was our collab with UNREAL for NYE in Cologne. Seeing these two brands collide, it created an outstanding vibe and energy. The sets of all artists were simply out of space and the crowd got nasty until next evening.

10 years of activity sounds cool, but of course in this business it’s not easy to achieve goals. What was the hardest moment in Voxnox history?

The hardest moment was when I stopped my other job and decided to go full force for VOXNOX and Thrust Agency – I took two weeks off and travelled to NY for networking and a holiday before a big year starts – then COVID started. I was also with Sept and my brother Silvio in NY – we all didn’t really understand what happened and just made it right in time out of the US, before the lockdowns globally started. So yea, long story short, I lost my work over night and was jobless. I never accepted this as reality and continued full force with other ideas how to survive this period and luckily it worked out. 

Have you noticed any changes after the Boiler Room? I guess that such a great promotion contributed to even greater interest in your music.

Fabio: Boiler Room is an amazing platform, we really enjoyed working together with their crew and the show was also a big success in the end. I am sure it has always positive effects to be presented on BR.

Sept: For me, from the point of view of the artist, it changed a lot. The world wide exposure which this platform gives is something that probably most of the electronic music artists desire. It was also a great pleasure to co-promote this event, as I was responsible for managing our collab event which was organized at Praga Centrum and like Fabio already said it occurred to be a great success, which I hope we will be able to repeat soon. 

This year is special because your label celebrates 10th anniversary – you have a lot behind you, and in the next few months a great concert tour around the world, including performances in Poland. Do you have a favourite place or club that you like to come back to?

Poland is always amazing, I love the people, food and country. It always gives me a certain nasty, rough vibe, which we lost a bit in Germany for example. Definitely looking forward to being back in a lot of venues of the tour. My personal highlight so far is definitely the stage host @ MELT festival. I was happy to curate a lineup for such a great festival, for me it is still one of the best curated festivals in Europe. Can’t wait for this one!

Any plans & goals for next 10 years? 🙂

We work at the moment on a new event concept for the big room shows in 2024 – what I can tell so far, it’s gonna be nasty. <laught> Beside that we started to build two studios at our Voxnox HQ in Berlin Kreuzberg. I am sure having the studios connected to the offices will create a big creative output between the crew and other international artists. Stay tuned!

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