Garbicz Festival

Garbicz Festival

Czwartek, 03 sierpnia 2023
godz: 10:00

Garbicz Festival

, Torzym

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Garbicz Festival, Garbicz PL

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Here are some important things to keep in mind about your ticket:

Tickets come with Bassliner transport to and from the festival, from both Berlin and also introducing a service from Poznan, our complementary stainless-steel drinking bottles to reduce disposable water bottles, and 360 PLN of credit for food and drinks to keep our ticket at a competitive price with other festivals.
We are also opening more space up to camp this year as well as activating more areas of programming, allowing us more room to spread out while maintaining a similar population.
Only tent camping will be allowed on the main site.
We have opened special RV/Caravan/Car camping grounds for this edition of Garbicz: Sunrise Camp and Silent Camp for bigger crews with bigger campsites.
They have sold out but we have created a third RV/Caravan camping space made available closer to the event for €200.
Tickets are available for purchase.This ticket price allows us to increased creative budget for art, music, and programming.
There has been a great deal of creative development over the last few years that we are really excited to share with you!
It also allows us to allocate more budget to making the festival a greener and more conscious festival, as we believe we owe it to our environment to sustain it, the same way it sustains us.
We will share our 2023 concept for this with you in one of our upcoming newsletters.


Basic price: 1305 PLN

Szorry currency: 360 PLN
Busride (Poznań-Garbicz-Poznań): 180 PLN
Stainless steel bottle 300ml: 70 PLN


Besides uploading your Szorries on your wristband at our top-up stations on field, you can now pre-define a credit prior to the event.
Save time, avoid queues, and spend more time on the dancefloor.
All you need to do is to choose from 450 PLN, 600 PLN, or 900 PLN to pre-define your credit volume, enter your credit card or bank information when downloading your ticket and you are good to go!


One 300ml Garbicz stainless steel water bottle is included in your ticket. It is saved on your wristband and will be available at Garbicz Kiosk during the festival.
If you would like to upgrade to 500ml or 750ml you can do so.
300ml -> 500ml
300ml -> 750ml

Are you ready to celebrate 10 Years of Garbicz with us?

Cultivating Magic in the Polish Wilderness

We are incredibly grateful to be able to hold this festival in the splendour of Polish nature.
We have worked tirelessly to cultivate an immersive experience that celebrates the natural beauty of our surroundings while showcasing the very best of music, art, and culture.
It is a delicate balancing act to be able to create a place of celebration and magic while still being in tune with the wilderness that so warmly embraces us for this special weekend.
It takes hard work and careful planning from our team to make this possible. It also takes understanding and close collaboration from everyone attending, from the crew to the ticket holders, to make this work.
So with this in mind, we want to invite you to a very special 10th anniversary Garbicz, where you are invited to partake and help cultivate magic in the Polish wilderness, as part of it, and as part of us.

10 Years of Values

This year we are committed to sharing what 10 years of Garbicz’s Festival’s culture is all about.
Putting more emphasis on what we stand for, we will focus on stricter photo and video policy, a bigger push towards making the festival greener, and a stronger communication of our values.
During the ticket purchasing process, we’ll ask you a few questions to see if your values align with ours, so please make sure you read these questions carefully and answer them truthfully.
Following the questions, we will ask you to agree to certain terms that align with our values. If we share values, we are more than happy to have you on-site with us, and you will be able to buy a ticket.

The Garbicz Team


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Garbicz Festival | 3 sierpnia 2023 Czwartek, Garbicz Festival
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