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I got influenced by none other than Picasso! It was a sunny day in New York City. I went to Guggenheim Museum where I watched his biographically arranged paintings. It showed me how women were important in his creation and how consciously he made a use out of that.

I was listening to the newly bought music tracks on my way back through the Central Park. I started choosing some of them for my new „story”. The idea about recording the mix „All Women I Adore” was clear and it was the matter of time to record it.

Well, Valentine’s Day might be a perfect occasion for publishing this mix. No matter how you will spend that day (or night) – single or with your lover – the music has an aim to be a beautiful background and journey through love. So, make love!

Yael Naim – Toxic
Studnitzky – Sul
AGF/Delay – Break Doors
Long Arm – When Children Sleep (Yoko Duo Remix)
Mala – Noche Sueños (feat. Danay Suarez)
Acid Pauli & Nu – 12
Laolu – O Fantasma (Kadebostan Tigercity Remix Part 3)
Wankelmut, Asaf Avidan – One Day Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix Club Mix)
Nick Arara – The Way I Feel
Major Lazer – Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors)
Nuernberg. Kruse – Love Can’t Break You Down feat. Stee Downes
Me And My Drummer – Don’t Be So Hot (Tale of Us & The:Das Alternate Remix)
Evon – Comic Book Cells
Aphex Twin – Z Twig