CRYPT: City of Traitors (Module I)

CRYPT: City of Traitors (Module I)

Czwartek, 11 kwietnia 2024
godz: 21:00

K-Bar Powiśle

aleja 3 maja &, Leona Kruczkowskiego, Warszawa

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no genres/no tempo/pure goblin energy
we’re back with our first club night in Warsaw since 2020 8]
CRYPT is set to take place sporadically, hosting our friends and BAS family, ramping us up to our main BAS event – more info soon 😛
to celebrate the kick-off of this series, we’ve invited 2 heavyweights of Polish underground: szkoda & Baby Meelo (regime/Polish Juke). joining them from our side is our co-founder – hæra (BAS, Polish Juke, assemblyline).
we want to ensure that our dungeon is safe and welcoming to all
no racism or bigotry of any kind will be tolerated. if you see/hear anything out of place – please report it to one of the organisers. any cases of harassment or discrimination will be punished by a power word kill straight to the dome 💀💀💀
art by @bam_baryka

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CRYPT: City of Traitors (Module I) Warszawa

Lust Supper – Rave With Your Slave

Sb, 20 kwietnia 2024
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od 80 PLN
CRYPT: City of Traitors (Module I) Warszawa


Sb, 20 kwietnia 2024
godz: 22:30

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