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Tom Palash
Electronic Experimental Instrumental Minimal Techno

Tom Palash is a dj and music producer from Poznan. His adventure with music started in 1997. Since then, he was awarded in a variety of music genres. His music was released on vinyl medley Junoumi. He won a competiton organized by radio station „Trójka” with his triphop tune with vocals by Natalia Grosiak. In 2007 he joined Arystomusic from Bydgoszcz and started to play more often in polish clubs. Among many places all over Poland, he performed with Jacob Seville on Audioriver festival where he played electronic drums. Not long after, he started a label Sevash Records. He supported artists such as Etapp Kyle, Robert Babicz, Daniel Stefanik, Jurek Przezdziecki, Mike Vamp, Tigerskin and many more. He presented his sets in radio stations such as Frisky Radio, Proton Radio. He is a co-author of Manipulacja cycle in a club called Projekt Lab in Poznan. He prefers strong, dark, emotional sets.

Imprezy na których grałem

MORD 5 Years: Bas Mooy Poznań

MORD 5 Years: Bas Mooy

Sb, 10 listopada 2018
godz: 23:00

Synteza #2 / Fort II Poznań

Synteza #2 / Fort II

Pt, 31 sierpnia 2018
godz: 20:00



Sb, 18 sierpnia 2018
godz: 16:00

Utwory Tom Palash Podcast 85 – Tom Palash


1. Dorian Gray – Nyctophilia (Edit Select Remix)
2. Wunderblock, Arcuation – Lotto (Deepbass Remix)
3. Subjected – Deko (Deepbass Remix)
4. Daniel Avery – Drone Logic (Rodhad Remix)
5. Marc Houle – Sheep (Monoloc Remix)
6. Keith Carnal – Untold (Original Mix)
7. Yan Cook – Bell (Original Mix)
8. Gaga, Sonate – Expected (Original Mix)
9. Johannes Heil – Transition Eight (Original Mix)
10. Cleric – Avoid The Subject (Original Mix)
11. Clio – Techno Frequencies (Original Mix)
12. Julian Jeweil – Meteorite (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
13. Temudo – 2 and a Half (Original Mix)
14. John V, Uron – Figure 7.5 (Keith Carnal Remix)
15. Keith Carnal – Prospect (Original Mix)
16. 7.11 – Second Stage (Original Mix)
17. Spiros Kaloumenos – Sky Surfer (Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy Remix)
18. Skober – Do What You Want (Caden Remix)
19. Marco Bailey – Casa Rosa (Original Mix)