Nukee Proff

Nukee Proff
Deep house Electronic House Indie Dance / Nu Disco Tech House Techno Trance
Rok urodzenia:
Nowy Sącz

NUKEE PROFF aka NU’KEE Is there any recipe to become popular and esteemed dj in Poland? It seems that just be born in Nowy Sacz is enough and half of success you have on your toast. Nukee Proff a.k.a. Nu’kee is next to Angelo Mike another artist coming from small town. In a joint effort they started up clubbing scene in south of Poland and built foundation for artist agency known to almost every clubber in Poland – Sentence. It was the beginning of 90s and since then a will to promote electronic music had become stronger and stronger. So strong that in 1998 Nukee had already left his first dj performances behind him. Connected then with the group Ultra Dj Team he organized techno parties in south of Poland. Years of work bore fruit, talent and constant improvement of his skills gave him possibility to show to wider and wider audience. Just like his skills evolved his style. At the beginning it was hard electronic music derived from such artists like Sven Vath and Jeff Mills. However, in time Nukee has opened on warmer, although no less energetic sounds commonly called progressive and wider range of tones in less typical rhythm – club &electronica, presented by him at the beginning of his career, has gained unique characteristic, which at present attracts a wide range of new fans. It happened on performances with such celebrities like Marco Lenzi, Umek and Chris Liebing, both in Poland and abroad in Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and in the Czech Republic . Authorities that made the biggest impression on him in electronic music by introducing new trends and tones, have become such artists like: Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Underworld, Leftfield and djs&producers like: Nick Warren, John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Jeff Mills, Marco Carolla, Riche Hawtin and Johannes Heil. Elements, taken from music presented and produced by them, you can often hear in Nukee’s sets. Sets, after which listeners aren’t left alone by two words: Nu’kee master… mobile: 0048 503 061 680 mail: [email protected] skype: nu-kee gg: 1333939

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