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Michał Orliński aka Mooslip is a young Music Producer from Poland. Mooslip began his professional electronic music production career in 2007. He has always been fascinated with electronic sounds that’s why he’s decided to try his hand at music production. His first EP was released in 2012 in Berlin’s label called Fanciful. This new collaboration resulted in vinyl, released the same year, by Fanciful Limited where one of Mooslip’s piece was remixed by other artist. It was reviewed favourably in German publication of DJ MAG. The following year another of Mooslip’s productions such as techno,minimal and tech house were brought out by Argentinian Ninefont Music label, which has been created by Ferreira’s brothers. One of them, named Gabriel closely cooperate with Items&Things record label in Berlin.

By 2013 Mooslip has been developing himself and his music skills deeply and constanly. This has created the desired effect .Another part of Mooslip’s growth as a producer was his friendship with Novika by winning the music competition for making remix of her song called “Safest”. That was such a big step forward for Mooslip’s career, which helped him to discover a lot of new music sounds. Now his productions are full of climatic instruments and interesting motives. All that have beard fruit of new cooperation with Otake label, which has been created by Piotr Bejnar and Mike P. E-mail:
[email protected]
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Utwory Mooslip

Mooslip – Kate – OriginalMix


MUNOCUDY Polskiej Muzyki Elektronicznej 2

Mooslip – „Kate” Original Mix

DOWNLOAD COMPILATION*:…a-free-download-mix

* – unmixed version

Tracklist (full version):

01. Borderlands – Unspoken
02. RYSY – Brat [U Know Me Records]
03. Lowhitey – Uniesienie
04. Small Mechanics – Tears Like Drumz (Rubber Dots Remix) [Kalejdoskop Records]
05. Enigmatic – Seabird
06. TiTleZ – Simple Truths feat. Szwd
07. Mooslip – Kate
08. Erdal Mauff – XXX
09. MOHA – Fractalz
10. Twardowski – Don’t Pretend [U Know Me Records]
11. Floating Groove – Deep Mind
12. Pete Grace – Verma Taste The Music
13. Jacob Seville – Morning Dew
14. Baasch – Shout (Rubber Dots Remix) [NextPop]
15. Id Ensemble – YRC
16. Oskar Szafraniec – 12049
17. Weiss – Dawn Of The Woman
18. Jurek Przeździecki – Clissm (Jacek Sienkiewicz Remix) [International Day Off]
19. Michał Wolski – Model One [Minicromusic Rec.]
20. Concept Of Thrill – Escapism
21. Sept – Total Lunar Eclipse
22. Tom Palash – Expedition To Mars
23. URSUS – Cyklista
24. Jaaa! – Zamek
25. Lower Entrance – Can’t Get U Out Of [U Know Me Records]
26. LivingPlastic – Strings

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