Cosmin TRG

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Cosmin TRG

DJ Chart | Cosmin TRG | 09.2011

Artysta Tytuł Wytwórnia
1 Mike Dehnert Pneumatic Delsin
2 Radiohead Give Up The Ghost (Thriller Houseghost remix) Ticker Tape
3 Gerry Read Legs Fourth Wave
4 Frozen Border 009 Horsestance Frozen Border
5 2562 / A Made Up Sound Wasteland (Head High remix) When In Doubt
6 Container LP Spectrum Spools
7 Donato Dozzy Giusy Time To Express
8 Analog Cops vs Blawan Illy Vae Victis
9 STL 2 Deep Something
10 Leyland Kirby Eager To Take Apart The Stars History Always Favours the Winner

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