B4 Club

B4 Club

Lokalizacja i dane kontaktowe

Bracka 4
12 426 49 94
Adres www:

Opis klubu B4 Club

Be 4 the relax
Be 4 the experience
Be 4 the music
Be 4 the fun.

It’s all about the place situated on Bracka 4 street, Cracow City. A few words which define perfect form of entertiment by day and night for everyone who apprecite quaility, comfort, space and atmosphere.


Kup bilet na dowolny koncert lub imprezę!

Znajdź Bilety

Bezpieczne i proste zakupy

Cocktail bar, Art gallery, Scene and Music club – this 4 areas are composed into one venue. Each of them impacts on different sense…

Cocktail Bar joins connoisseur of exquiste alcohols and cocktails. These area is designed for the sense of taste and sight.The perfect service allows you to admire the most beautiful edition of cocktails.

Art Gallery. Graphic art, painting, photography and drawing are areas of sight sense. Sometimes it will shock you, sometimes it will delight. Every month the visual aspect of the venue will be different for your eyes and will be affect changes on your perception.

Scene is designed for live performances. This area gonna includes invited musicians, actors and public figures.

Music Club reffers to nightlife and sense of hiring. Exact selection of sounds, rhythms and invited DJs will provide through the night and set you into the good mood.

4 state of mind,
4 side of arts view,
4 sense of feelings,
4 forms of display visual design
will catch your emotions and affect your sights for the rest of the time spent in B4
so …

be there B4 the afterparty!

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