Techno Show

Techno Show

Sobota, 16 stycznia 2021
godz: 15:00


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Computer gaming and programming has explored the medium since the mid-2000s, when major technological advancements, such as increased access to broadband and social media, profoundly changed the way games/programs are designed, discussed and executed. This change has opened the door to new voices and ideas, allowing the medium to break beyond its perceived boundaries and aspire to new horizons.
The Kids Techno Show is another step on the track of advanced technologies that will allow our very own academic, independent and experimental developers to gain recognition for their creative and innovative work in game design and software development from our platform!!
Don’t miss this amazing opportunity of experiencing the fun in playing variety of computer games and using apps created by our young guns of 16 different nationalities. Encourage our young yet smart developers of 2020.
Link do wydarzenia: LINK

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