Psylocybina: Alfred Czital

Psylocybina: Alfred Czital

Piątek, 14 kwietnia 2023
godz: 23:00


Kościuszki 68, Poznań

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The time has come for our next gathering. As you hear the steady beat of tribal drums growing louder in the distance, you feel the irresistible draw of the magic we create when moving together as one – it’s time to let go of our daily lives and awaken the tribal connection that lives in us all.
The guest of this Spring gathering will be Alfred Czital. Co-founder of Harmony Records. His sounds is energetic, full of groovy basslines & rhythms as well as trippy mood that perfectly suits Psylocybina vibe.
The support for our guest will be provided by Psylocybina hosts w_iro & Ariet playing opening and closing respectively.
This event we will be supported by Densiflora crew providing organic & dreamy vibes on the ground floor.
🍄 Alfred Czital
🍄 Ariet
🍄 w_iro
🌸 Densiflora 🌸
🍀 Axis Operandi
🍀 Grażyna Biedroń
🍀 Marceli
23-24 20 PLN
24 – 6 40 PLN
6 – en 20 PLN

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