BornToBe TECHNO 2015/2016


Czwartek, 31 grudnia 2015
godz: 18:00


Krakowskie Przedmieście 25, Lublin

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BornToBe TECHNO 2015/2016


Każdy z gości ma do dyspozycji open bar na woodke i brewery.
w cenę są wliczone również napoje.
Nie musicie też martwić sie o przekąski.. OSTRO zapewnia kompletny ekwipunek, potrzebny do dobrej zabawy:)
cena jednego ticketu, który jest ważny dla osoby (nie pary), to jedyne 120 PLN
Ilość miejsc drastycznie maleje. Prosimy o szczególnie szybkie i przemyślane decyzje.
Każdy zainteresowany może dzwonić do nas, pytać w lokalu lub na portalach.
Numery do organizatorów są ogólnodostępne i można je otrzymać bezpośrednio u każdego z nas.
Zapraszamy na BORN TO BE TECHNO

Mikołaj Jatczak
Michał Bochniarz
oraz całe TECHNO świata 🙂

South-Poland’s most known techno live-act, producer and respected dj, present on the scene since 1997; began producing back in 91 using software trackers + Amiga computer; later he started to collect hardware and learn how to make fully professional live-act; in 2000 he published a CD album called „Live Acid Sessions” (LeKOS); he was also the author of „Meadow 303” (CDC Rec., CZ) CD album; he has been producing music, soundtracks and sound effects for various companies, organisations, etc.; he has appeared all over Poland, including widely known venues such as „Nova Lokomotywa” and „Przestrzen Graffenberga” in Warsaw, „Kanty” – Jaworzno, „Metro” – Bialystok, „Hormon” – Kielce, „Kazamaty” – Kolobrzeg, „Relax” – Leszno, „Iskra” – Swidnik, „May day party” near Lublin, „Technosis” Czerwiensk, most clubs in his hometown of Wroclaw and also at many free techno parties/ teknivals.

JRK freely plays techno and acid techno and also many other genres; currently, he’s playing progressive & tech-house stuff very often; at the moment, he’s using the following hardware while playing live-act: Korg Electribe ESX Valve Force, Yamaha RM-1x, Korg Electribe ES-1, Roland EG- 101, Korg Electribe EA-1, Fostex DE-1, Korg Electribe ER-1, Behringer UB1204 FX Pro, Behringer VMX 100, Numark DM 1002 MKII, Behringer DFX69 Tweakalizer.

Moreover, he has appeared along many poland’s top djs and also international artists, for example: Deep Dish, Paul Van Dyk, Kosheen, Cristian Varela, Sven Vath, Umek, Valentino Kanzyani, Anthony Rother, Johannes Heil, Ian Pooley, Audio Bullys, Mauro Picotto, Bob Sinclar, Shapeshifters, Olav Basoski, Haze, Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman, Fergie, Dave Clarke, Lucca, Scarlett Etienne, Roni Size, London Elektricity, Oxia, Marco Remus, Oliver Ho, Jack de Marseille, Asem Shama, Chris Liebing, Takaaki Itoh, Alex Flatner, Pet Duo, Lawrie Immersion, Animatek, Chris Liberator, Henry Cullen aka D.A.V.E. the Drummer, Julian Sandell aka Julian Liberator, Audio Bullys and many more…

Jakub Rene Kosik’s tracks, created alone and also in co-production with Grooveliker, have good feedback from various producers and DJ’s, like: Valentino Kanzyani, Ricardo Ferri, D’Jamency, Technobrat, Alexander Koning, Locutus, Mark Ankh, Jost Gerischer aka Jon Silva, Eric Entrena, Clodagh, Andrea Depp, Dylan Drazen, Miss Mee, DJ Rollo, The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Francesco Di Leo, Al Farrell, Alessandro Lorenzo, Hot Hands, DJ Preach, DJ Emerson, Asem Shama, Henry Cullen aka D.A.V.E. the Drummer, Alex Flatner, Martyn Hare, Rafael Araujo aka Nylon, Andy Slate, Tomcraft, Dirty Bass, Grant „Kinkymalinky” Richards, Freddy Turner, Dylan Drazen, Satoshi Fumi, The Mulder, Utah Saints, Corvin Dalek, Milk & Sugar, Eric Entrena, Joy Kitikonti, Pete Heller, Eddie Amador, Mousse T, Electric Indigo and many more…

Released on:

Traquency Records, Peppermint Jam, ProgCity DE, Plastic City, Travels Holland/ Belgium, Citybeats Records, urbanTECH, urbanTEK, urbanELECTRO, urbanHOUSE, Sensual NYC, Nine Records US, Eletrodomesticos Brasil, Exquisite Music Portugal, Tronic Soundz Germany, Sony Music, Turbulent Calm Records, Sentence, Universal Music, Prologic Music, Magic Records, No Border Records, Global Uniting, Homage Records, Mizumo USA, NewLife Recs., CDC Rec. CZ, LeKOS, Brain-a-Gain Recs. PL, Look Ahead, Galvanic, ANAL Records, TBA Switzerland, Manholding Venture, Club Femme Music, San Trincha Music, iPlug, House Place Records, U.M.A. Music Awards, Tuestatic, Baccara Music..

Piotr Bejnar is a producer, live-performer, DJ, soundman, owner of Otake Records and definitely one of the most eccentric figures of the Polish clubbing scene. At 16 years old, roughly the time of his first club debut, he was fascinated by the mathematical distribution of music. As a live performer, he experiments with various innovative techniques, presenting a generous spectrum of sounds, making Piotr’s live-acts a truly unique experience. It is a live improvisation to which Bejnar invites the audience to quite literally generate sounds together with him.

The idea of playing among the crowd came up accidently. The story goes back to a gig where Bejnar had no space to place his MIDI controller and had to play with it in his hands. Since that night his friends and fans bestowed him with the title of the “Modern Talking” DJ, “Wizard from Korgland” and “Unstoppable Korg Rider”.

The idea has evolved and Piotr continues to change his approach to live sets right up to the party. Sometimes he minimalizes his set-up, holds his sampler in his hands and dances with people on the dance floor. On the bigger events he mostly develops his set-up and focuses on the sound, but no one can predict what will be Bejnar’s next surprise. Once Bejnar continued to play live-act from his iPhone to control his MIDI remotely, allowing Piotr to enjoy the sound with the audience. This kind of interaction helps build a unique atmosphere, blurring the borders between the artist and the crowd.

The tipping point in Bejnar’s career was in 2006, when his brilliant way of performing started to become popular in Poland. Two years later Piotr released his first EP “Ty Jesteś Melodyman” (“You Are the Melodyman”) for Canadian record label Open Concept Recordings. In 2010 he created a year-round voice-over season schedule for TVP Kultura and released his second EP “Faces in Water”, which closed his cooperation with Open Concept. A year later, after a common gig with Dapayk, he joined Mo’s Ferry Production label, where his “Janusz EP” was released. Afterwards, Piotr and Jacek Tworkowski produced an EP for Night Drive as a “2 Stupid Gods” and in 2012, a second record for Mo’s Ferry titled “Cracow Fight” was released. Piotr went on to release a number of remixes, including one for Dapayk & Padberg.

In 2014 Piotr opened his record label Otake Records ( releasing his debut single, “She’s Crazy”. Anyone who has seen Piotr at least one time will definitely agree that he is an exceptional figure in the electronic music scene. Piotr is also a lover of jazz and snooker.

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