Deep house Indie Dance / Nu Disco Tech House

Niedziela, 03 sierpnia 2014
godz: 12:00


Rummelsburger Landstraße 2-12 Berlin, Berlin

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They’re doing in again! And it wouldn’t be the Watergate crew if they weren’t taking it to the next level. It’s official: bigger, better, more – 5 x FLY Watergate Open Air in Berlin-Rummelsburg 2014.

In the planning process for our quality open airs by the house of Watergate, we rely on a healthy mix of the tried & tested and fresh creativity. In other words, that for which the Berliner event organiser scene has become so well known for. Thus, our guests can expect some new and surprising changes this year at Rummelsburg. The preparations are already running at top gear at Berlin’s loveliest open air site so that our partners of 2014 can be offered the best possible conditions for their musical performances.

„The affirmation our guests have given us make it impossible ever to stop the parties at Rummelsburg. The site is a unique retreat in summertime Berlin and we will do everything in our power this year to repeat the magic moments of the parties of years gone by. This year we will be rolling out even more musical and visual highlights without forgetting the importance of retaining that familiar feeling of a garden party on the banks of the Spree.”
(Uli Wombacher/Watergate Club)