Tama Sumo

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Tama Sumo
House Techno

DJ Chart | Tama Sumo | 04.2011

Artysta Tytuł Wytwórnia
1 Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke Ego Text Records
2 Gesloten Cirkel Moustache Moustache Techno Series
3 Wax 40004 Wax
4 Bodikka Rubber Swamp 81
5 Fix Dr Technofunkenstein EP Nightvision
6 Conforce Spoiled (XDB Reshape 2) Clone Basement Series
7 Fred P The Incredible Adventures of Captain P Soulpeoplemusic
8 Theo Parrish Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be Sound Signature
9 Instra:mental Thomp NonPlus+
10 Slobban Funkig Gura Med Hus Sankt Goran Pres 001