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Maciej Dudkiewicz MinusEight (born 1981) is a minimal/electronic music producer and is originally from Wloszczowa, Poland. Whilst growing up, he discovered a real passion for DJ-ing and would spend a lot of time producing small samples to play at his gigs. Due to popular demand his confidence and passions grew and he realised it was a role he wanted to perform on a more professional level. In 2004, MinusEight moved to the UK and started producing his own deep minimal material. Since 2011 he has been a resident member of BETA group in Norwich UK; playing live in and around the East of England. 2) How did you get into music production and why minimal music? I started listening to techno music whilst in college as it was such an escape from the buzz of everyday life. I liked how the music was different from what is considered commercial and in the charts. It strongly took my attention and allowed me to show my creative side. It has always been such a dream of mine to make a minimalist style album as I love the simplicity of it so much. When I came to England in 2004 I went to lots of underground parties and met several music producers who showed me how to layer deep electronic sounds whilst keeping a minimalistic foundation. I have applied these techniques to MinusEight. It took me twelve months to produce my very first album. I wanted to take my time and get ideas from traveling and music festivals and not to rush the project. The idea behind “MINUS” was that I wanted something unique which still stayed true to the original minimal concept, which I enjoy the most. 3) Tell us something about the idea of “MINUS“. Is the album a compilation of your latest work and inspirations? “MINUS” is MinusEight’s first album, released on January 1st 2014 by Modular Grid Records. It is a combination of five EP’s, “M” -„I”-„N”-„U”-S” , each one of them contains two tracks released during 2013. Several minimalistic themes run throughout the album with touches of distortion in various forms making “MINUS” the perfect mix of instrumental electronica. It is an offering of steady pulse beats infused with a minimalist core. The album name “MINUS” comes from the first part of MinusEight’s name. The next five EP’s will be called ”E”-”I”-”G”-H”-”T” and the next album will be called ”EIGHT”. 4) Did you expect for “MINUS” to become one of the best-selling releases on MDLG Records and how do you feel about it now, almost a year after releasing the first part (“M” EP)? While working on MINUS, I hoped for it to be successful by reaching a wide audience. I am extremely happy that listeners value my work and enjoy the dark minimalistic vibes in this album. It is a great feeling to be able to share my work with people who appreciate it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Modular Grid Records for their fantastic communication, professionalism during releases and also mastering and artwork. It was a pleasure to work with them. 5) Who are your idols? There are numerous talented musical artists who I feel that I have learned from, was influenced by and evolved from. Amongst many, my idols are M_NUS, Enter, Items and Things, Richie Hawtin, Massive Attack, Underworld and Aphex Twin to name a few. These guys are uniquely talented and I aspire to be on their level one day. 6) Something for the end? I wish everyone a good career in whatever they’re living for, same as my idea has been realized by everyone supporting me. I will continue making music and therefore making world a better place.

DJ Chart | MinusEight | 11.2014

Artysta Tytuł Wytwórnia
1 Marc Houle Jack`jill Items & Things
2 Magda Stop Minus
3 Alessandro Izzo Huas Eminor
4 Andre Crome Bodenturnen Leftroom
5 From Karaoke to Stardoom Botoxxx Detoxxx Rrygular
6 Gaiser Bodylost Minus
7 Guido Shneider Too many voices Poker Flat
8 Ryan Crosson aka Berg Nixon Scattered From Underline
9 Onur Ozer Twilight Vakant
10 Plastikman Spastik Novamute
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