Luke Drehen

Luke Drehen

Lukasz Rogala aka Drehen born in Warsaw / Poland in 1985. At this young age, and growing by the day listening to all kinds of performers / artists techno-minimal,in his head, he began the process of adding your own sounds and notes Over the years, getting worse, more and more grew in his head, Techno, and eventually took over his life and became infected with the idea of music production. Currently focused on the deep and dark ambient sounds. His performances can lead to lunacy. DJ & producer, co-founder of „Warsaw Disorders”

DJ Chart | Luke Drehen | 06.2016

Artysta Tytuł Wytwórnia
1 Chris Page Shunt Shapeless Records
2 Acensor Pressure (Original Mix) Crunch Control
3 Gruener Starr Draw (Octave Remix) Space Shuttle Recordings
4 Pfirter New State Of Consciousness (Lucy Remix) MindTrip Music
5 Jeff Rushin Enigma (Original Mix) Mote Evolver
6 Sutter Cane Mindset (Original Mix) Nachtstrom Schallplatten
7 Rraph S87 Gynoid Audio
8 Chris Page Macrogol (original mix) Translucent
9 Niereich Sq #9 Machine Motor Nonlinear Systems
10 Jeff Rushin Coda (Original Mix) Mote Evolver

Utwory Luke Drehen

Luke Drehen – Only My productions mix.mp3


1.Darkness is coming by Luke Drehen
2.Rythm dog by Luke Drehen
3.Remix box 01 [unmastered] by Luke Drehen
4.Audio 6 003 [unmastered] by Luke Drehen
5.CDN 02 by Luke Drehen
6.Unknown Human 03 [work in progress] by Luke Drehen
7.08 by Luke Drehen
8.Chaos by Luke Drehen
9.WeJa 03 [rework] by Luke Drehen
10.18-Audio by Luke Drehen
11.2b by Luke Drehen
12.MM 04 (original mix) by Luke Drehen

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