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The name is new but chances are you’ve already heard Kivisoul as „Kivi 'N Kava” duo. First album published by WL77 made the duo has become one of the leading label projects.

At the begining of 2012 Kivisoul concentrated on the solo productions. Warsaw producer releasing his tracks on the Belgian underground dance label 17:44 Records. The first single released by 17:44 is „As You Want” – classic but deep and fat house.

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Like a most producers of western music industry Kivisoul mainly focuses on the functional deep and tech house. His first tracks show that the Polish artist has a 'light hand’ to such sound. Using the melodic parts of analog keys, acoustic sound with catchy, soul vocal samples creates a dynamic house productions.


Out now:

Kivi 'N Kava „Deepnatura” (Exotic Refreshment)

– Deepnatura (Original Mix)
– Deepnatura (Darkrow Remix)
– Deepnatura (Collective Machine Remix)

Kivi 'N Kava „Pestky & Fusy EP” (WL77 – 17:44 Records)

– Alora feat. Vangosh (Original Mix)
– Balaton (Original Mix)
– Bedroom (Original Mix)
– Do That (Original Mix)
– Heal Me Or Kill Me (Original Mix)
– House Miuzak (Original Mix)
– Teach Me (Original Mix)

Kivi 'N Kava „House Miuzak” (WL77 – 17:44 Records)

– House Miuzak (Original Mix)
– House Miuzak (Tony Romera Remix)
– House Miuzak (Cobian Remix)
– House Miuzak (Kim Myers Remix)

Kivi 'N Kava „Alora feat. Vangosh” (WL77 – 17:44 Records)

– Alora (Original Mix)
– Alora (Delicious Remix)
– Alora (Milton Channels Remix)

Kivisoul ” As You Want” (GrooveTraxx – 17:44 Records)

– As You Want (Original Mix)


Bastian Van Shield – You’re Not Alone (Kivi 'N Kava Remix) (Bazooka Records)
Bicycle Corporation – Blkn (Kivi 'N Kava Remix) (WL77 – 17:44 Records)
Luthier – Magnum Opus (Kivi 'N Kava Remix) (WL77 – 17:44 Records)
Bartosz Brenes & Bicycle Corporation feat. Mr Eyez – Makes You High (Kivisoul Remix) (GrooveTraxx – 17:44 Records)
Torha – Discollege (Kivisoul Remix) (WL77 – 17:44 Records)

Coming soon:

Kivisoul „So Good EP” (GrooveTraxx – 17:44 Records)

– So Good (Original Mix)
– La Guitarra (Original Mix)
– No Words (Original Mix)
– Tig Bitties (Original Mix)
– Junk (Original Mix)
Kivisoul „Havana EP” (WL77 – 17:44 Records)

– Havana (Original Mix)
– Cuba (Original Mix)
– Get High (Original Mix)
– Vitamin (Original Mix)
– Call It Deep (Original Mix)


Dragmatic – Blonde (Kivisoul Remix) (GrooveTraxx – 17:44 Records)
Mr Radiator & Solco – Let It Rain (Kivisoul Remix) (GrooveTraxx – 17:44 Records)


Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Kivisoul Edit)
Nneka – Come With Me (Kivisoul Edit)
Nicone & Sascha Braemer feat. Narra – Caje (Kivisoul Edit)

DJ Chart | Kivisoul | 02.2013

Artysta Tytuł Wytwórnia
1 FCL It's You (San Soda's Panorama Bar Acca Version) Defected
2 SLG, Catz 'n Dogz Prostokaty Studio Barnhus
3 Ost & Kjex Lulu Diynamic Music
4 Adana Twins feat Digitaria Reaction JEUDI Records
5 Jay Tripwire Tell It deepen sound
6 Aki Bergen Shine (KiNK Remix) Kolour
7 95 North Let Yourself Go (Let Yourself Go Mix) Danse Club Records
8 Kivisoul From NY To 17:44 WL77
9 Last Magpie 1995 Losing Suki
10 Hector Amorphous Mass Desolat Music
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