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Hubert HUBA Flow – DJ/Producer/Writer. Born and raised in Wroclaw, Poland. Recently focused on minimalistic side of house. Alongside Peter W he released couple of deep tech tracks which appeared on the playlists of such well known DJs as Richie Hawtin or Brett Jacobs. Every project he approaches, every track he finishes, every sound he generates has a deeper meaning and is part of a greater agenda. He says: “Music itself is boring. The real trick to music production is to tell a story.” And that is exactly what he does. Hubert’s journey with music begins in late 90’s when he starts writing his first lyrics and making Hip Hop beats. He releases 5 underground albums and plays loads of concerts. His music is known as original and sophisticated. After 9 years he realizes that Rap music is not enough. Driven by the need of telling stories that can’t be told in ordinary way he takes his first step towards Electronic Music. Music of fewer words and more atmospheric sounds fits perfect to his idea of expressing his new way of thinking. Fascinated by cosmos, quantum physics, human nature and Planet Earth Hubert starts working on his own, original sound. His favorite deep sounds are often seasoned with progressive feeling which makes his tech stuff very original and always full of surprises. Hubert Flow produces and mixes mainly minimal-techno. His tracks are always full of emotions and filled with deeper meaning. He always aims for more demanding floor and avoids easy solutions. HUBA is strictly house oriented project. The deeper it sounds the more HUBA it is. It is also full of warm vocals, raw samples and strong synthesizers. Tech/deep/jackin-house is the place where HUBA feels at home. Offstage he writes for videogames and books.

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