Greg Oleksevic

Greg Oleksevic
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Greg Oleksevic was born in Poland. From the tender age of 16, electronic music has been at the core of Gregs’ world. His first encounter with the music industry was in 1998, when he got a job working for DeeJay Music Mag in southern Poland. He began to experiment with techno music from that early age and soon it became the driving force in his young life. Greg started DJing in 1999. His first residencies were in 2002 in Starowka and his university’s affiliated student club, both in Cieszyn city. That same year, he set up his own booking agency for electronic music called PLUR Music Promotions.

Through the agency he began to promote more and more artists and getting his own personal vision out into the clubs of southern Poland and soon had his own special crowd. In 2002 and 2003, he began to co-operate with other booking agencies to try to corner the market and get his music out to general public, while retaining a unique sound. After being offered the opportunity to promote the biggest ever open air party for electronic music in Tychy called GIN TONIC, the electronic music cliche really opened up for Greg and leading on from that, he went on to host a residency in Pretekst club in Tychy.This set the stage for Greg crowning achievement to date. He succeeded in getting his music onto the main stage @ Club Kanty – one of the most important clubs in Poland for electronic music in December 2003 at ‘The Meeting of the Best Polish DJs’, performing a main stage set. He built on his success and new found popularity, and was resident in several others clubs and did guest sets at many festivals in Poland throughout 2004. Like the way most people start off playing electronic music in Ireland, Greg played where the people were: open air rave parties, house parties and wherever else was available when you aren’t well known yet. But things began to change…………

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Within the Polish community Greg began to make his name known. He opened at ‘Polished’ opening night at the Turks Head in Temple Bar (new life). He was invited by John Gibbons to Project ‘DOM’, the first big project for the Polish community in Ireland. He was subsequently invited by Brian Taaffe to Project Revolution.
From 2005-2007 Greg had residencies in many venues: – CIRCLE and Electro Mint at Karma (with Dr Smile) – INTEGRATION at Spirit – Revolution and DOM at The Vaults (with Brian Taaffe and John Gibbons) – Frazers Basement – Circle – Ocean Café – Basspressure (with Gabi Kardos) – BBL – a well known party place in south Dublin – Since 2007 Greg has been known as a DJ by his full name Greg Oleksevic, promoting a vibrant party scene amongst the Polish community, introducing DJs like, Dr. Smile (house), Gabi Kardos (electro/techno), Adriano K – (minimal / electro) to PLUR Music Promotion Collective. In 2007/8 PLUR Music Promotion Collective through the stewardship of Greg Oleksevic branched out and created ISI – internet clubbing forum.

Since 2011, Greg was promoting and supporting Dublin techno scene under a new brand – LOCO Crew (BOXXEVENTS). During this time, he headlined many gigs and supported artists like Industrialyzer, AnGy Kore, Dave The Drummer, Patrick DSP, A.Paul, Mark Greene just to name a few.

In 2014, joined DarkM booking agency (

Greg himself headlined at many gigs throughout the country.
He played also in Northern Ireland, Germany and regularly back in Poland where he maintained his grass roots.

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