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Sebastian Gabryel is FLATT. The Polish producer and journalist broke into the minimal techno scene in 2016 with the release of his debut EP „Dragonauts” released by Argentinian independent record label Progrezo Records, which is the banner for some of world’s top DJ’s, live-acts and producers including UNKLE, Home Video, King Roc, Phunk Investigation or Alex Dolby.

The FLATT sound is undeniably unique in itself as it blends the heavy complexities of minimal techno with the sounds of experimental and commercial genres of electronic music.

Progrezo Records about „Dragonauts EP”: Sebastian Gabryel known as Flatt is a Polish newcomer talent who debuts in Progrezo Records with a solid three-track techno EP to take notice.

„Dragonauts” as EP is called, features quality pearls to warm up the dance-floor and make tension to the mix as „Evil Around Us”, „Alagwa” and „Dragonauts” prove, full of evolving bass-lines, well crafted techno beats and key voice shoots that are surrounded by sublime trippy synth-lines aimed straight to make memorable in the night.

Here Flatt proves himself within the first-class electronic music industry with some of his new music stuff that drives styles the likes of Tale of Us, adding to the journey stomped bass shoots and infected voices.