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Deep In Calm

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Aitra – Magnet Source (Deep In Calm & Hidden One Remix)


Aitra – Magnet Source // Electronic Tree [ETREE130]
Genre: Trance,Tech-House,Prog-House,Deep House,
Release Date: Mar 30 2015

1 Aitra – Magnet Source (Original Mix)
2 Aitra – Magnet Source (Audionectic Remix)
3 Aitra – Magnet Source (David Sonido Remix)
4 Aitra – Magnet Source (Deep In Calm & Hidden One Remix)
5 Aitra – Magnet Source (Piotro pres. True.dat Spacemix)
6 Aitra – Magnet Source (Piotro pres. True.dat Drummix)
7 Aitra – Magnet Source (2015 Re-Touch)


Project 267, 268, 269, 215


Those instrumentals were made yesterday and today besides the last one. Enjoy the mood! ?

Deep In Calm – Forgotten Man


Empty Inside EP


Deep In Calm
Empty Inside EP
Label: Electronic Tree
Cat: [ETREE141]

1 – Deep In Calm – Empty Inside (Original Mix)
2 – Deep In Calm – Empty Inside (Taisuke Chiba Remix)
3 – Deep In Calm – Empty Inside (Piotr Gajcy Melodic Remix)
4 – Deep In Calm – Empty Inside (Piotr Gajcy Dub Mix)

Release info:
Referring to our next release we must say at first that the mixture of talent comes this time in highest proportions. Marcin Piasecki aka Deep In Calm few years ago was widely regarded as a wonderkid of Polish electronic music scene and successively confirms his impressive skills in composing subtle, melodic music with an intricate plot. It’s great to have Marcin back at Electronic Tree with his third own EP, this time with remixes from not less amazing guys. Taisuke Chiba, a name that went straight to our notebook after mesmerizing release called „Himawari” on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat label used his musical arsenal to create smooth progressive masterpiece. Piotr Gajcy, known earlier as No Schematic and Harry Hearing developed his style from proggy and abstract areas to organic melodic techno and did it so well that the first signing under his real name took place on famous Traum Schallplatten desk. Piotr put on emphatic rhythm in his remix which is interrupted by some nasty techy stabs and distorted melody around. Second mix provided by Piotr is a slightly stripped dub.

DCM – Beta – Deep In Calm Remix FREE DOWNLOAD


There is no more release predicted for that track so I have no other choice but to share it with You. Enjoy 🙂