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Deep house Techno

DJ Chart | Chymera | 07.2012

Artysta Tytuł Wytwórnia
1 Baikal Why Don't Ya Maeve
2 Ed Davenport Presents Inland Inland Falkplatz
3 Skwerl Pollyanna International DeeJay Gigolo Records
4 My Favorite Robot The waiting rain (Mano Le Tough remix) Life and Death
5 Brendon Moeller Spice Electric Deluxe
6 Master H Say It Loud Komplex De Deep
7 Chymera An Island In Space Connaisseur
8 Tomas Svensson Sweep Dance Vidab Records
9 Scott Grooves The Journey (Beatless Mix) Modified Suede
10 Automatic Tasty Small Hours Lunar Disko Records

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