Chris Kozber

Chris Kozber
Wielka Brytania

Krzysztof Kozber aka KOZBER originates from Bydgoszcz, Poland. His story begins at a very young age when he had a desire to study classical cello and piano. As his love of music and sound deepened, he became enamoured with technological advances in music production and the challenging tones of bedroom brainiacs such as Aphex ,Kraftwerk, Detroit techno scene, Autechre. This curiosity led the young man to seek the music out in Poland’s thriving techno and house scene.

This is where the journey introduces Sirius (his original DJ alias). Bouncing from club to club with nothing but a sweaty hunger and sticky 12″s under his arm, he managed to convince promoters to give him DJ gigs in Poznan ( residency Zez Club), Krakow (Roentgen, Ministerstwo). Kozber began building a solid reputation on the dance-floors with his exploration into breakbeat, techno and tech house, never playing the same record twice, nor the same genre. As his standing in Poland became respected and much admired, he decided to look for new pastures to improve his DJ knowledge and credentials.

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The newly travelled and newly named Kozber moved to London in summer 2006. Now was the time to push the boundaries and compete with the modern masters of the house and techno scene. The noisy nomad pushed and shoved his way into long queues and late parties, and managed to make some great friends and important contacts along the way. He started regularly playing and crashing at east london warehouse parties just to taste the london life, and getting sets at staples such as Fabric, Cable, Cartuli’s Day and Cafe 1001 Bricklane where he got residency over 5 years.

Since moving to London Kozber has made it a promise to himself to explore as many different genres as his brain can allow and often dives into sets filled with Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, even 80s Pop in order to gain a better understanding of the art of studio production and mastering, which is now his main interest. With solid and reputable releases under his belt already; ’, releases on Deepest London compilations (Release Sustain) and few remixes for this label 'and his first EP, Jan 2013 with Soundbar Records 'Minor Games’ EP. On the brilliantly received Minor Games Kozber shared production duties on 'Gillett Square’ with the widely respected and innovative techno producer Rico Casazza ( as a side project with Kozber they currently working on many tracks and remixes ready to serve this summer !),as well as inviting the wonderful and eccentric talents of Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts to remix.

Kozber is currently working on new material for Ep (Cartulis Music) and coming solo releases as well as now taking on mastering duties for a number of top artists. You can catch him DJing at his monthly residencies Siriusonic (cafe1001) , Dal.Stoned (Re:Roots),Vortex Downstairs .


archipel rec. featuring track Majeranek „mess age from the black forest EP” may 2009

release sustain „deepest london vol.1” nov 2010

release sustain „terpel day EP” feb 2011, rmx

release sustain „deepest london vol.2”

release sustain „La Cocha” EP dec.2011, rmx

slant records ” predator frequencies EP ” ,rmx jan.2011

release sustain „deepest london vol.3 3.2012 , 1 track ,1 featuring with Oli_N

soundbar records „minor games ” EP 11.2012

stock5 ” Dubdisko” with Rico Casazza for Soul Driver EP 11.2012

„Velvet Daze” Fuka Lata -purple haze rmx by Kozber & Rico Casazza
march 2013


Rmx for Axmusigue july 2013
Rmx for Bueno Bros 6 and 9 of 2013 Sensfloor rec.
Ep for Cartulis Music 9,10 of 2013 12″
Track for upcoming label Suspect Package 12″
Track for VA „Deepest London 4” Release Sustain

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