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A young Toronto DJ/Producer whos musical ear was evident even in his young years. Sparking at age four, Polish native Bartosz (Bartek) Debowski spent his childhood listening to the radio and replaying what he heard on the piano/keyboard; a big indication of what would soon develop into a passion for not only listening to music, but making it. Moving from piano to drum kit, he dove head first into the intricate and precise side of rhythm. Early high school years saw the beginning of his fascination with electronic music. Initially learning to beatmatch via relatively available dj software, he soon took on cd beatmatching leading him to finally purchase his own CDJ club setup. It took off immediately. Within the course of a few months, people took note of his love and passion for electronic music and with the support of fans and industry veterans, Arivo has taken his name from friend’s local house parties to clubs in his hometown of Mississauga/Toronto. Arivo’s production is heavily influenced by artists such as Alex Kenji, Jay Lumen, KaiserDisco, Stefano Noferini, D-Unity, Do Santos and Hardwell. As Arivo puts it „Its all about rhythm, groove, funk. I see that to be the foundation of what gets people moving. Everything else is just a bonus.” ONGOING HISTORY OF PAST VENUES: Comfort Zone (Toronto) Revolution Nightclub (Waterloo) Elements Nightclub (Kitchener) Body English Nightclub XS Nightclub (Toronto) Li’Ly Lounge (Toronto) River Gambler Grotto Lounge (Toronto) Oko Blu Niteclub/Lounge Orbit Niteclub/Lounge Naughty Nadz Lounge BOOKINGS: [email protected]